Smile London – it won’t cost you anything!

I lived in London for a year and frequently visit the capital. In the many years I have been to this amazing city, one thing has never changed – miserable faces!

London can’t be compared to any other city in the UK. It really is a mini world in itself. If you’re within the M25; your outlook, lifestyle, expectations and assumptions will be very different to the rest of us Brits.

Life is fast-paced in the capital. Everyone is in a rush – to cram in the tube train (no matter how packed it is!), to horn their way through traffic or elbow their way through crowds.

A part of this is not surprising. If you’re not assertive, you won’t get anywhere. No one gives way to traffic, no one gives up their seat on public transport, no one has time to stop and help a stranger.

This is probably because of the frantic journey to and from work. If nobody was battling against time, they wouldn’t have much of a day left for family or socialising.

But would it hurt to flash a smile once in a while?

London is home to a rich mix of people from diverse backgrounds. Needless to say, this means you are also likely to come across some of the most beautiful men and women from across the globe here.

However, when you live in London long enough, you tend to adjust to local custom – looking miserable! You walk through wonderfully historic streets and you can spot a tourist from a mile – because they’re flashing their teeth!

So tell me Londoners – why do you always seem so annoyed or miserable? Is life so bad that you can’t smile once in a while? Are you so caught up in the rat race that you’ve lost the human touch?

It may be that you’re completely different in the comfort of your loved ones. But when you’re living or working in one of the most charming cities on the planet, how could you not smile?

I’m often told I look “vexed” and my revised response is; “that’s just my face!” But even when I’m in magical (central) London (not the mean suburbs!) my naturally “vexed” expression can’t help but react to feeling full or life and smiling!

Frowning overworks your muscles and causes ugly facial lines. So at least do your own face a favour and keep the aging lines at bay – smile!